Sahara Office

Jaime DiOrio-Phillips, D.C.

Dr. Jaime DiOrio
After nearly 20 years of treating patients, Dr. DiOrio-Phillips’ goal remains the same: to get every patient better while feeling healthier and happier. Unlike traditional medical care, she recognizes chiropractic care requires doctors to figure out exactly what is ailing the patient and how to help that person recover by only using their hands. This also enables her staff to find ailments and issues others may have overlooked. Dr. DiOrio-Phillips attended the University of Redlands and then received her Doctor of Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Joseph Nicola, D.C.

Dr. Joseph Nicola
With more than 20 years of experience treating patients, Dr. Nicola ensures their care comes first. He enjoys seeing his patients not only feel better but also make changes that result in a healthier lifestyle. He graduated with honors from Arizona State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in physical science. He went on to graduate from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Thomas Vaughn, D.C.

Dr. Thomas Vaughn
After nearly 35 years in practice, Dr. Vaughn remains committed to ensuring his patients receive the best care possible. He feels most fulfilled when he helps patients avoid surgery and pain medication. He was inspired to become a chiropractor when from a young age; as a teenager, he suffered from crippling chronic migraines. His parents brought him to a chiropractor and that doctor’s treatment helped get him on the path to recovery. Dr. Vaughn attended Brigham Young University and later graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Cleo Hernandez, C.A. – Chiropractic Assistant

Cleo Hernandez
Cleo is a familiar face at Nicola Chiropractic as he has been with the clinic for nearly 15 years. He enjoys hearing the patients’ stories and experiences they often share when they come in. Over the years, he says many patients have also become friends. What he likes most about his job is when he and his colleagues can use humor to make patients feel better.

Marisela Lopez, C.A. – Chiropractic Assistant

Marisela Lopez
Marisela works directly with patients to get them feeling better. She enjoys making them feel like they are at home when they are in the clinic receiving care. She also feels no two patients are alike and not just because their reasons for coming in vary but also because their personalities are so different as she truly enjoys meeting new people – which she gets to do every day on the job.

Kelly Romo – Front Office Receptionist

Kelly Romo
Kelly enjoys getting to know patients and forming bonds with them as she greets them upon arrival and gets to be the last person they see before they leave. She feels the most rewarding part of the job is watching patients feel better over time thanks to their care. One of her fondest memories was when she had a patient who had worn a brace for a while due to his low back pain. Over time, she and the team strengthened his lumbar spine. Once he was better, he bought lunch for the office as a “thank you” for the support and care.

Nicole West – Front Office Administrator

Nicole West
For Nicole, she came to Nicola Chiropractic for years before she became an employee. With her mother a former employee, she got to know the staff and patients before she joined the team. With more than five years in her position, West feels patients are now becoming her family. The most rewarding part of her job is watching a patient in excruciating pain leave the office with a smile.

Stephanie Maciel – Office Manager

Stephanie Maciel
Stephanie brings nearly 10 years of healthcare experience. Prior to Nicola Chiropractic, she worked as a medical massage therapist. That managerial experience allowed her into the position she has today. She enjoys patients as she feels they are genuinely kind and respectful toward the staff from the moment they enter the office. For Stephanie, watching patients improve is the best part of the job.

Nellis Office

David McElvany, D.C.

Dr. David McElvany
Dr. McElvany has always been interested in healthcare. The natural benefits of chiropractic attracted him to the field and enjoys helping the body heal through natural means. He enjoys building relationships with his patients and watching them get better through adjustments and therapy. He received his undergraduate degree from Excelsior College and his doctorate from Parker University.

Kelly Sosa, C.A. – Front Office Receptionist & Chiropractic Assistant

Kelly Sosa
Kelly Sosa has worked in healthcare for nearly 10 years. Her favorite part of the job is when patients come in and say, “Coming in to see you guys is my favorite time of the day.” She and her team do their absolute best to make patients not only feel welcomed and comfortable but also live a pain-free life. One of her favorite memories was when a pregnant patient named her baby after her!

Ruby Lucero – Chiropractic Assistant in Training

Ruby Lucero
With nearly 10 years of healthcare experience, Ruby enjoys getting to know her patients as she gets them on the road to recovery and feels her greatest reward is watching patients recover and feel better than they ever did before.